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Breaking News: Facebook Requires LegitScript Verification for All Addiction Treatment Advertisements

According to an official press release late yesterday, Facebook is following in Google’s footsteps and requiring official verification for any advertiser looking to promote addiction treatment services. There are a total of 15 requirements to become verified. The press release claims that this process goes into effect today. Just like Google, no warning was provided. We […]

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How To Minimize Medicare/Medicaid Calls for Addiction Treatment

Every center complains about it. They buy calls through some call aggregator. It could be online aggregators like,, or TV media buyers like, etc. Or maybe your center has tried its own forays into Google PPC and Facebook advertising and gotten the same results – numbers that don’t connect, angry people looking for […]

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Why Are 20% of Treatment Centers Closing in 2018 and How Do You Stop Yours from Being One of Them?

Addiction Treatment Centers are closing at alarming rates. Centers that used to have nearly every bed filled, now sit almost empty. Reports out of Florida estimate 20% of treatment centers there have shuttered their doors in the past 6 months. The same is happening in California and Arizona. Even some of the big guys, like […]

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9 Illegal Practices Most Addiction Treatment Centers Don’t Realize They’re Doing - Website

9 Illegal Practices Most Addiction Treatment Centers Don’t Realize They’re Doing

Every center knows that patient brokering is illegal, but there are many other common addiction treatment marketing practices in the addiction treatment space that are also illegal. Most centers are doing at least 3 of the below and don’t even realize they’re illegal. Some bad practices, like the HIPAA violations, come with a penalty of […]

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