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*** Correction ***We recently made posts on this website regarding American Addiction Centers (“AAC”).  AAC has since challenged the accuracy of some items in those posts. We have now removed those posts.

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The Pitfalls Private Equity Firms Need to Avoid When Evaluating an Addiction Treatment Center Acquisition

The Pitfalls Private Equity Firms Need to Avoid When Evaluating an Addiction Treatment Center

A growing number of Private Equity firms are looking to get into the addiction treatment space, but many are jumping in without a firm understanding of the field or the value-added operational knowledge necessary to make successful investment in the space. Addiction treatment remains an incredibly immature market. The small size of the space, lack […]

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A Brief History of Addiction Treatment Marketing Website

A Brief History of Addiction Treatment Marketing

There are many new players coming into the field of addiction treatment, ones who aren’t necessarily aware of the history and trends that had very strong influences in the field today. This article is for those looking for some background on the space, especially private equity firms and investors, new owners, or even individuals looking […]

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Addiction Treatment Marketing - The Fundamentals

Addiction Treatment Marketing: The Fundamentals

The failure of most addiction treatment marketing campaigns is that they misunderstand the fundamentals of marketing. This is not surprising as most people misunderstand the fundamentals. Like most things in life, given the right conditions and enough trial and error, it’s very possible to create a successful business without understanding the basic principles. In an […]

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Why Addiction Treatment: Spotlight on Our CEO

Alcoholism, Treatment, and a Need for Change When I tell people I’m the CEO of a company that specializes in marketing and growth consulting for addiction treatment, they’re often surprised. People find it to be really specific, it’s a stigmatized topic, and I think, while no one says it, there is even some discomfort around […]

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Breaking News: Facebook Requires LegitScript Verification for All Addiction Treatment Advertisements

According to an official press release late yesterday, Facebook is following in Google’s footsteps and requiring official verification for any advertiser looking to promote addiction treatment services. There are a total of 15 requirements to become verified. The press release claims that this process goes into effect today. Just like Google, no warning was provided. We […]

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