The Recovery Executive Podcast

The Recovery Executive Podcast

The Recovery Executive Podcast

The business of recovery is changing fast. Many executives are getting left behind. The Recovery Executive Podcast talks to experts in the field on addiction treatment marketing, operations, M&As, billing, and growth to help you build your organization, serve more of those who need help, and stay on top.

All episodes are conveniently available for streaming or download on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and InTunes. Or just choose an episode below and start listening. They're perfect for while you're in the car on that morning or afternoon commute.

EP 4:  Ethical Marketing: What Many Addiction Treatment Centers Don't Know with Andrew Martin

Did you know it's illegal to pay a patient's plane ticket to come to your treatment center? Ethical marketing is front and center for the field these days, but many providers aren't up-to-date on all that entails. In this episode, we speak with Andrew Martin, COO of Behavioral Health Association of Providers to learn the latest information, how to stay compliant, and how ethical marketing actually drives more admissions than most other patient acquisition methods.

EP 3:  Tracking Clinical Outcomes: The Future of Addiction Treatment with Joanna Conti

The tracking of clinical outcomes is no longer an option in addiction treatment. Not only does it help centers improve patient outcomes, but it's now required by the Joint Commission AND insurance payers will be requiring it for reimbursements in the very near future.

In this episode, we speak with Joanna Conti, Founder & CEO of Vista Research Group, who explores outcomes data and what it means for centers while providing advice on how to get started if you haven't yet.

EP 2:  Community Involvement & Invisible ROI with Kent Runyon

Novus Detox runs a 60-bed detox that turns over every patient every 7 days. Connecting with new patients to keep their census up is important and Novus has been successful doing so purely with PPO policies and cash pay for over 10 years. In this episode, Kent Runyon, the VP of Community Relations discusses how their community involvement and engagement strategy leads to the invisible ROI behind their success.

EP 1:  Mergers & Acquisitions: How Do You Prepare Your Addiction Treatment Center with Jacob Lynch

The addiction treatment space is going through a massive consolidation at the moment. 75% of centers are still small and locally owned, but they are being beaten out or swallowed up by larger outfits and buyers as the industry matures.

Many centers are facing the tough choices of closing down, selling, or seeking investment capital to grow and compete. In this episode, we sit down with Jacob Lynch of Stoneridge Partners to cover major trends in mergers & acquisitions within the addiction treatment space, how to set up your own center to be successful in this environment, and specific tips and strategies for growth.

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