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The Recovery Executive Podcast

The Recovery Executive Podcast

The business of recovery is changing fast. Many executives are getting left behind. The Recovery Executive Podcast talks to experts in the field on addiction treatment marketing, operations, M&As, billing, and growth to help you build your organization, serve more of those who need help, and stay on top.

All episodes are conveniently available for streaming or download on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Or just choose an episode below and start listening. They're perfect for while you're in the car on that morning or afternoon commute.

EP 51: Pinnacle's Principles for Sustainable Growth with Joe Pritchard

Joe Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, joins us to talk about their continuing success driven by quality clinical care, focus on mission, regionalization, and, most important of all, patience.

With decades of experience in the field, and starting out as a behavioral tech himself, Joe offers us insights into what it takes to grow into the role of CEO, and turning 4 centers into 80 across a full continuum of care.

EP 50: Understanding the Neuroscience of Addiction with Dr. Marc Lewis

Put simply, addiction is extremely complicated. It's not genetics, it's not choice, it's not neurochemical imbalances. Instead, it's a complex interaction of all of these.

On this episode, I have one of the world's leading neuroscientists on addiction, Dr. Marc Lewis, walk us through the neurobiology of addiction in laymen's terms. My hope is that we're able to bridge some of the gap between the neuroscience and clinical practice, something notoriously difficult to do, but I believe we provide some strong insights on ways to do so.

EP 49: Behind the Scenes of Insurance Reimbursement with Cigna's Doug Nemecek

What does the future hold for insurance reimbursement in addiction treatment? Is it bundled payments or value-based care? What does it take to build relationships with payors and get higher reimbursements? Is it really true that payors paid high amounts for urine screens just to offset excess profit?

Doug Nemecek, Chief Medical Officer for Cigna, answers these questions and more in this episode of The Recovery Executive Podcast.

EP 48: Why Are Moms Losing Faith in American Rehabs with Ally Aabram

A large percentage of callers into any treatment centers are moms looking for help for a son or daughter. Yet, it turns out that many rehabs are doing a poor job of meeting these mothers' needs.

Ally Aabram, a mom who has a son that has been through 20 rehabs, talks about her experiences, where rehabs could better support mothers, and why so many moms are losing faith in rehabs as a viable option to help with addiction.

EP 47: How to Collect Patient Responsibility the Right Way with TJ Ferris

Unlike the rest of healthcare, it's not uncommon in addiction treatment to hear of programs not collecting patient responsibility - co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Some programs fear that, because "everyone else does it," they have to as well or won't be able to compete. This is not the case, and TJ Ferris, CEO of The Revenue Solution, walks us through how that's done the right way. 

We also need to mention that programs that collect patient responsibility portions of bills are also much more profitable than ones that aren't.

EP 46: Initiating Turnarounds & Accelerating Growth with Ted Bender

Moving from clinician to the CEO of Addiction Campus's Treehouse center, Ted Bender has helped turn around struggling centers and accelerate the growth of successful ones.

He shares his experience as a clinician and an executive leader in terms of what to do first and where to focus in order to achieve success when coming into a new program.

​EP 45: Expanding Treatment and Saving Lives Using Methadone with Nick Stavros

Methadone has often gotten a bad rap within the addiction treatment space, and sometimes for good reason. Perhaps this is why so many treatment providers are unfamiliar with how it works both clinically and as a business model.

CEO of Community Medical Services, Nicholas Stavros, walks us through the numbers of how many people their centers help (sometimes 1,000s a day!) and how the business model compares to programs that don't incorporate MAT.

EP 44: Achieving Long-term Success with Bob Poznanovich

Hazelden Betty Ford is one of the most successful programs in the country. Their name is known across the US and they're succeeding even while other programs struggle to keep the lights on.

Bob Poznanovich shares some of the strategies and tactics that contribute to their success from a business development and sales perspective. It's an episode you don't want to miss.

EP 43: Preparing for Value-based Care with Jacob Levenson

Value-based care is coming. The payers want it. Lots of people are talking about it, but none of us really know what it means. Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, enlightens us on the ins and outs, as well as how to prepare for this shift.

EP 42: Clinical Protocols that Put the Patient First with Andrew Sidoli

Clinical excellence is certainly the core of any program, but this isn't just about the quality of the work. Organizational, Administrative, and Development aspects of clinical programming are just as important to a program's success.

Andrew Sidoli, an experienced Executive Clinical and Operations Director, gives us insights into what these systems should look like. We also examine the critical element of integrated feedback loops within the clinical process to truly deliver patient-centered care.

EP 41: Finding Purpose & Profits in Aftercare with Alexander Ronzino

Aftercare is an essential part of addiction treatment, but often overlooked in the field. In addition to therapeutic work, there is a strong need for life support and skills, which is exactly what Coalition Recovery's Renaissance program focused on educational attainment is all about. CEO Alexander Ronzino gives us the scoop on one way to add on this much needed continuation of care.

EP 40: The Ups and Downs of Addiction Treatment Volatility with Michael Cartwright

CEO of American Addiction Centers, Michael Cartwright, talks about the ups and downs of both AAC and the industry over his long-standing career building several companies and non-profits in behavioral health. He answers the questions of where the field has been, where it's going, and how his particular approach to business aligns with those developments for AAC.

EP 39: Expansion and Success Through Sustainable Growth with Jonathan Wolf

Jonathan Wolf, CEO of Pyramid Healthcare, is arguably one of the industry leaders when it comes to intentional, sustained growth through both de novo expansion and M&As. He shares his 40 years of insight into the behavioral health space and what he looks for when determining where and when to expand Pyramid Healthcare.

EP 38: Using Addiction Research to Move the Needle with Deni Carise

Clinical research and data is a sorely underused resource in our field. Deni Carise, Chief Scientific Officer for Recovery Centers of America, goes into all the ways you can use it to improve your program. Even beyond ensuring you have evidence-based programming that delivers real outcomes, there is huge value in knowing the data from a marketing, business development, and knowledge of coming trends in the field perspective. This definitely isn't an episode to miss.

EP 37: Beating the Payers at Their Own Game with Anne Bahr

Out of network insurance is like the Wild Wild West. You never seem to know what, or even if, you'll get paid, and the insurance payors have a lot of power. Anne Bahr, VP of Collect Rx, shares some tips and tricks to beat them at their own game using insider knowledge on this episode of The Recovery Executive Podcast.

EP 36: How to Make Business Development Successful Again with Tony Faulkner

Business Development referrals have dropped from 10 or more a month down to 3 or less per rep. Why is this happening? Some of it has to do with a shift in the field, but much has to do with the way BD reps are trained, managed, and go about their jobs. With decades of experience working for centers large and small, Tony Faulkner shares with us the strategies crucial to maintaining good referral channels for your program.

EP 35: Exploring Peer Recovery Coaches with Brandon George

Peer Recovery Support Coaches/Specialists are just starting to gain traction in the recovery space. Benefits, payment models, and role responsibilities are all still being worked out. In this episode, I speak with Brandon George, Executive Director at Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition, who is spearheading the expansion of these positions in Indiana.

Podcast 34 - Admissions Processes That Work with Jon Wagner

Something as simple as the process you use to verify VOBs can make or break your admissions process. Jon Wagner, CEO of Verify Tx, and I talk about what a good admissions process looks once you've actually got people on the phone.

EP 33 - Building a Center: How to Do It Right with Zach Snitzer

Building a center the right way is extremely profitable, but takes much longer than people assume. How do you have the patience to build a strong foundation that drives quality clinical care, community engagement, and profitability all at the same time? Zach Snitzer, Co-Founder of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, and I did into some of these issues on this episode of The Recovery Executive Podcast.

EP 32 - 4 to 10X Admissions Using Empathy & Compassion on the Phone with James Hadlock

A poor admission phone rep can convert multimedia inquiries at 1% or less. A good one can convert 10% or higher. That's a potential 10X difference in admissions! I speak with James Hadlock, owner of BluNovus, where we talk about how empathy and compassion on the phone can 10X your admissions on any quality of calls.

EP 31 - Reinventing the EMR with Matt Stevens

Most EMRs are just emulations of the old paper filing systems, but they can be so much more. I speak with Matt Stevens, CEO of Alleva, who has reinvented the EMR. We talk about what treatment centers need to know to make a switch from paper to digital, some pitfalls to avoid (especially around avoiding HIPAA fines), and some interesting opportunities happening in the field related to telehealth near the end.

EP 30 - Everything You Need to Know for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy with Dan Gemp

Two industry titans talk SEO, Adwords, Digital Marketing, and Winning Strategies for long-term growth. Dan Gemp, CEO of Dreamscape Marketing joins me on the episode to not just talk general strategy, but get into some of the industry benchmarks you need to know as well as common mistakes to avoid. If you're census is hurting, you don't want to miss this episode.

EP 29 - How to NOT Get Ripped Off by Your Billing Company with Gregory Keilin

Billing & Revenue Cycle Management are one of the biggest thorns in the side of treatment centers. It's difficult, expensive, and, it's very hard to know if staff or vendors are doing it right. In this episode, we talk with Gregory Keilin, CEO of Prosperity Behavioral Health on some of the most common ways billing companies don't necessarily work in your best interest, what you should be looking for, and some really interesting info like how to make Medicaid billing work.

EP 28 - Closing the Doors: Lessons Learned with Lyle Fried

Up to 25% of centers have closed in South Florida, Southern California, and other highly competitive areas of the country. Lyle Fried was the owner of The Shores, a well-known treatment center in Florida that just closed last month. He shares his insights into why they closed and what he would have done differently if he could do it all over again, critical information for any centers facing a similar situation today

EP 27 - Rethinking Sales & Marketing with Kathy Frossard

Foundations Recovery Network went from 20,000 calls a month and a low census to 10,000 calls a month and a significant climbs in census. Most centers are thinking about admissions, business development, and marketing wrong in the addiction treatment field. In this episode, Kathy Frossard and I talk about how to rethink and integrate these departments to deliver serious results.

EP 26 - Philanthropy & Recovery with Mariel Hufnagel

The Ammon Foundation is probably one of the first philanthropic organizations springing from the addiction treatment field to focus on grants in recovery rather than scholarships for treatment. We explore how philanthropic activity ties into reducing stigma, providing value, and growing the business wing.

EP 25 - Addiction Unplugged: The TV Show with Stu Goffman

Addiction Unplugged is a new show highlighting recovery and fighting stigma. The show features a unique center in every episode. Stu and I talk about the value of such a show and how TV spots like this can and should be used from a marketing perspective.

EP 24 - A Billionaire's Vision for the Future of Addiction Treatment with Bryan Cressey

When you've personally made over a billion dollars in healthcare and have seen the devastation addiction can wreak on your extended family and community, you decide to do something about it.

That's the story of Bryan Cressey, who I interview live at his office in Chicago. With decades of experience helping healthcare organizations grow, he also has the ability to see what is and isn't working in the field.

So when he decided to start the non-profit Above and Beyond Family Recovery in Chicago, he had a unique vision to revolutionize the field. This is his story and his vision.

EP 23 - A Lively Discussion on Real Leadership in Addiction Treatment with Ben Kaneaikala

Our field needs strong leadership. We need visionaries who see the future and are able to make the hard choices in these rapidly changing times. In this episode, I speak with the Co-Founder of Phoenix Rising on what's lacking in the field today, what we need to see instead, and how following those guidelines has helped him build his own center.

If you're looking for some hard-hitting perspectives on the field and are willing to step outside your comfort zone, this is the episode for you.

EP 22 - How Alternative Treatment Modalities Drive Business Growth with Reed Smith

80% of all treatment centers follow a 12-step philosophy. While this approach has helped so very many people, there are those it doesn't work for. As we know, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

And there is a large hunger within the marketplace for alternative programming, which is why programs that provide alternatives to 12-step attract an untapped market.

In this episode, I speak with Reed Smith of Centered Recovery on how their mindfulness program has helped them grow their new center as well as helped patients who didn't feel at home within a 12-step program, ultimately aiding them in their recovery. Join us for this interesting discussion.

EP 21 - Center Spotlight on Above & Beyond Recovery with Dan Hostetler

You may be surprised to hear that one of the best treatment centers in the country is a small non-profit catering to mostly homeless and low-income populations in downtown Chicago. Above & Beyond is only 2 years old, so many people have not heard of them, but they are doing phenomenal work, as I can personally attest to. I'm super excited to share my interview with Dan and help you learn more about this amazing place that's taking such a huge lead in advancing the field of addiction treatment.

EP 20 - Opportunities for Growth from & for Alumni with Parker Polidor

Alumni engagement is becoming ever more critical both for successful, long-term treatment outcomes, and for the health of the center. I speak with Parker Polidor, Co-Founder of CaredFor, about how alumni engagement is a whole team effort and the value it brings to patients and staff alike.

EP 19: Marketing Musical Differentiation with Dr. Barry Reiman

In the increasingly crowded and competitive addiction treatment space, differentiation is key for success. In this episode we talk with Recovery Unplugged's VP of Business Development, Dr. Barry Reiman to share insights into how their unique focus on music drives both outreach and internal clinical programs.

EP 18: How to Host CEU Events that Grow Referrals with David Houke

One of the cheapest and easiest strategies to build referrals and drive admissions is that of hosting CEU events. Surprisingly, it's also one of the most underutilized. In this episode David Houke of Austin Recovery gives us a step by step walk-through of exactly how to set these up at your center. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and wonder why you aren't already hosting them.

EP 17: Business Development Reps: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now with Elisa Saunders

Business Development has hit a wall with reps bringing in a third the number of referrals that they used to. One reason for this is that they move around too much and enough time isn't invested to drive results. In this episode, we talk with Elisa Saunders who has experience at both Acadia and Foundations Recovery Network. She gives insights into why reps stay or go and we also discuss strategies to ensure success.

EP 16: How to Grow & Run Large Treatment Center Operations with Drew Rothermel

What does it take to run a nation-wide treatment center operation? What are key factors for growth and success? What metrics do you need to keep your finger on as a CEO? Drew Rothermel has worked at the C-suite level for both Caron and Origin Treatment Centers, and is now CEO of Liberation Way. He has a vast knowledge of running large scale operations and answers many of these questions for us in this can't miss episode of The Recovery Executive Podcast.

EP 15: Connecting with & Treating Celebrities with Cali Estes

Centers are always looking to connect with those who can afford treatment. In this episode, Cali Estes talks with us about her specially designed program and some of her outreach strategies that have made her the go-to addictions coach for many celebrities, CEOs, and other high profile people that value privacy and can afford high-end care. We also briefly discuss the many mistakes admissions and biz dev reps make that are hurting centers trying to reach these demographics.

EP 14: Is Telemedicine the Future of Addiction Treatment with Richard Capezzali

Telemedicine is the next big disruption in the field of addiction treatment and behavioral health. Either centers will learn how to incorporate it into their own program, or it will likely put them out of business. Richard Capezzali has been in the field of lead generation and addiction treatment for years, having build and sold numerous companies. He now turns his attention to telemedicine in the addiction treatment space. This is an episode anyone focused on the business-end of the addiction treatment world needs to listen to.

EP 13: The Power of Alternative Peer Groups with John Cates

Industry veteran and Founder of both Lifeway International and Cates Academy, John Cates, talks with us about the power of alternative peer groups. Treatment outcomes are as much as 3 times better when APGs are used. In this episode, we talk about how APGs can be used not only to improve treatment outcomes, but also successfully grow and expand your program.

EP 12: Moving to Clinician to CEO with Robin Piper

The differences in responsibilities and focus for clinicians versus senior executives can be large, intimidating, and challenging to navigate. Robin Piper, CEO of Turning Point of Tampa, shares with us her journey from clinician to CEO, and gives advice for those looking to make the same move. She also shares ideas and strategies to ensure strong collaboration between clinical and businesses focuses. Lots to learn in this episode!

​EP 11:  Models Against Addiction

Models Against Addiction is an NYC-based non-profit started by Asia Janina Dyrkacz, a Polish immigrant. In this episode, we talk about her passion for using the celebrity or role model status of models to combat addiction as well as the addiction problems sometimes common in the profession.

EP 10: Learning from Addiction Treatment Conferences with Dee McGraw

A lot of owners, execs, and directors find it very hard to leave their center and attend an industry conference, but the rewards for doing so are tremendous. In this episode, we connect with Dee McGraw, Director of Education and Event Services for C4 Recovery Solutions, which runs the famous West Coast Symposium. We look at why conference attendance is so important and how to make the best out of any you go to.

EP 09: Call Center Success with Char Musillo

Call center operations and staffing is probably the biggest gap most centers have in their admissions process. Without an efficiently run and staffed call center, the majority of inquiries, and therefore potential patients, is lost. In this episode, Char Musillo talks about his experience building call centers for programs big and small. If your census has taken a hit lately, you do not want to miss this episode.

EP 08: Engaging Alumni for Improved Outcomes with James Crater

Alumni engagement is critical not just for success in long-term recovery, but also for a treatment center's bottom line. It's an area that few centers do well, but a huge opportunity for low cost returns when done right. In this episode, I speak with James Crater, CEO of Spera Health and an expert in alumni engagement.

EP 07: From Private Practice to Center Owner with Karen Peabody

Going from a single-person private practice to a center owner will many employees is a huge challenge. In this episode, we talk with Karen Peabody, owner of Forgewell Solutions, about her journey from solo therapist to owner. We also have a thorough discussion around insurance reimbursement and how to ensure you are getting the most for your patients and your center.

EP 06:  NAD and the Value of Niching Down with Andrey Rossin

A new and growing trend in addiction treatment is a focus on health - dieting, exercise, nutritional supplements, etc. NAD fits into that category. This episode explores what NAD is and goes on to discuss the value of niching down to a very specific target demographic, and how that has helped Future New Detox grow fast without having to worry about competition.

EP 05:  Considering MAT: Treatment & Business with Jason Tusynzski

MAT is a growing, and controversial, trend in the field of addiction treatment. In this episode, we try to provide a balanced view to the pros and cons both from a treatment and a business perspective. The aim is not to convince one side or the other, but to provide information that helps center owners and directors make the best decisions for themselves, their staff, and their patients.

EP 04:  Ethical Marketing: What Many Addiction Treatment Centers Don't Know with Andrew Martin

Did you know it's illegal to pay a patient's plane ticket to come to your treatment center? Ethical marketing is front and center for the field these days, but many providers aren't up-to-date on all that entails. In this episode, we speak with Andrew Martin, COO of Behavioral Health Association of Providers to learn the latest information, how to stay compliant, and how ethical marketing actually drives more admissions than most other patient acquisition methods.

EP 03:  Tracking Clinical Outcomes: The Future of Addiction Treatment with Joanna Conti

The tracking of clinical outcomes is no longer an option in addiction treatment. Not only does it help centers improve patient outcomes, but it's now required by the Joint Commission AND insurance payers will be requiring it for reimbursements in the very near future.

In this episode, we speak with Joanna Conti, Founder & CEO of Vista Research Group, who explores outcomes data and what it means for centers while providing advice on how to get started if you haven't yet.

EP 02:  Community Involvement & Invisible ROI with Kent Runyon

Novus Detox runs a 60-bed detox that turns over every patient every 7 days. Connecting with new patients to keep their census up is important and Novus has been successful doing so purely with PPO policies and cash pay for over 10 years. In this episode, Kent Runyon, the VP of Community Relations discusses how their community involvement and engagement strategy leads to the invisible ROI behind their success.

EP 01:  Mergers & Acquisitions: How Do You Prepare Your Addiction Treatment Center with Jacob Lynch

The addiction treatment space is going through a massive consolidation at the moment. 75% of centers are still small and locally owned, but they are being beaten out or swallowed up by larger outfits and buyers as the industry matures.

Many centers are facing the tough choices of closing down, selling, or seeking investment capital to grow and compete. In this episode, we sit down with Jacob Lynch of Stoneridge Partners to cover major trends in mergers & acquisitions within the addiction treatment space, how to set up your own center to be successful in this environment, and specific tips and strategies for growth.

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