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About Circle Social Inc.

Circle Social's mantra is Embrace, Engage, Enrich. We specialize in ethical, patient-centered, and HIPAA compliant digital outreach and marketing for addiction treatment & recovery centers. We connect you with those who need your help where they spend most of their time, online.

We partner closely with you to work as partners with your rehab center. We don't just run campaigns, we connect with you to learn about your clients, operations, and strategy to ensure we're driving the results that help you grow. We're as committed to your patients as you are because your success is our success.

As a registered Benefits Corporation in the State of Indiana, we have a triple bottom line -  financial, social, and environmental - ​built into our legal DNA. We are one of the first Benefits Corporations to exist in Indiana. This corporate structure holds us accountable to you. It ensures we deliver our services in a way that is effective, sustainable, and socially conscious. 

We love to work with like-minded organizations who care about their customers and their communities. We're not just committed to your center, but also to the causes that are most impacting our communities today. We donate up to 10% of revenue each year to addiction and mental health initiatives benefiting our communities and nation.

When we all work together, we can not just build our businesses, but improve the lives of all those we come in contact with. To work with us, just click the contact us or call now buttons below.

Our Team

Nick - FB - People Over Pixels Head Shot

Founder, Chief Strategist & Community Builder

Nick Jaworski was named one of the top 250 Social Media Marketers in the US by Agilience. He has lived around the world, built personal influencer profiles through social, and ran corporate-wide social media strategy before founding his own agency.

He is passionate about addiction recovery, mental health, and education. He donates much of his time to these causes as well as speaks around the country and world on the topic of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. He was most recently selected as a mentor for Startup Istanbul, the largest startup conference in Eurasia, where he coached startups from around the globe on how to build their businesses through digital marketing.

Michael Marciano - Head Shot

Content Writer

Jey was previously the Head of Social Media at Impero. She specializes in Social Media, Public Relations, and Communication. She believes that Social Media is a powerful tool that can bring both an engaging and interactive communication between business and consumers.

She says, "the key is to have a seamless voice and strategy across channels and platforms, this is where I come in."

Dan Hale - Headshot

Lead Web Developer

Dan Hale is a husband, father of two, and digital junkie. He loves building a website that not only looks great, but also gets found. After getting a degree, he quickly realized that just building an awesome website was not enough. Sure, a client may love a fancy design, but will it improve their bottom line? From that moment on, he has been learning everything he can about SEO and marketing in general.

Dan is passionate about his family and spends much of his free time with his wife and two children.​

Olga Yena - Headshot

Logo & Graphic Designer

Olga Yena has extensive experience in graphics design and 3-D modeling. She has also worked in the automotive and banking industries.

Olga is very passionate about drawing and always learning new things. She constantly shares new techniques and tools within the graphic design world.​​

Staci Seber Headshot

Digital Community Builder

Staci Seber is a recent graduate from Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunications. She led the marketing department for her Dance Marathon organization.

When not working, Staci enjoys attending art and music festivals. She has been to over 70 concerts and is fascinated by music.

Head Shot - Kent Farr

Sales & Operations Advisor

Kent Farr completed his residency at Hazelden, eventually becoming their turn-around guy for failing centers.

Based on his success across the country, he was hired by the State of Indiana as its Director of Finance and charged with cleaning up failed treatment centers in the state, among other tasks.

Kent serves Circle Social's recovery center clients who need more than just marketing. Once you have the leads, what do you do with them? If sales and operations are not up to task, Kent steps in to set things right.

Erica Zhang Headshot

Digital  Community Builder

Erica Zhang is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington with degrees in Biology and Chemistry. It wasn’t long until she realized she had a passion for the digital marketing space instead and starting researching the intricacies of SEO and digital content.

 She loves problem solving and creative thinking and will welcome any puzzle. She spends her free time making art and designing.

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