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Circle Social's mantra is Embrace, Engage, Enrich. We deliver results for addiction treatment and behavioral health centers looking to connect with those who need help using highly targeted digital advertising that builds your reputation while also building your census. You won't find a better team for addiction treatment marketing.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend, we’ve developed unique, HIPAA compliant marketing systems especially for rehabs and mental health. Whether you’re a large center looking for Facebook direct-response campaigns to get the phone ringing now, or a smaller center looking to build a strong local presence, our strategies get results time and time again.

You see, it’s not enough just to put up some ads telling stories about how bad a potential patient’s life is and how much better you can make it. You need to strategically implement campaigns that build trust, and that also move people through the decision-making process quickly.

Addiction Treatment Marketing is Becoming More Competitive

The fact is, it’s super easy to get the phone ringing with people who can’t afford or don’t have the right mindset for treatment. But with our proven strategies, we deliver VOBs and not just empty calls or inquiries.

We use a large variety of specialty tools to test every single step from the ad to landing page engagement to email opens and click-throughs. We can tell you exactly which ads encourage calls, where people are abandoning your website, and what emails people will open. And, since we specialize in addiction and behavioral health, we already know the answers.

Unlike most agencies out there that do a little bit of everything, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns just as part of our rehab marketing plans. We already know what works for our clients without having to waste large budgets just for testing. We can jump right in to getting results.

With the insane amount of competition out there these days, you can’t afford to work with someone who doesn’t know rehab and mental health inside and out. Give us a call today and let’s get started.

A Rehab Marketing Strategy Is Everything

TV, radio, newspapers, direct mail? They all have zero trackability.  You have no idea if they're working or not.

At Circle Social, we're obsessed with data. Data must drive your strategy. Fortunately, this is easy in the digital era. We can tell you what people are searching for, how they're finding you, how often they're clicking, and what path they take to finally contact your center. Our online tracking capabilities are nothing short of phenomenal. Contact us and we'll show you how.

Check Out Our Case Studies

Stories are powerful in rehab marketing

A powerful story unique to your center can create incredibly high interest that gets the phone ringing non-stop.

Is Your 12-step Focus Losing You Rehab Center Leads

There is a blue ocean of opportunity driving inquiries at low cost that most centers are missing.

Peter BrunzelleDirector of SALS Recovery & Houses

Circle Social Inc. has been a tremendous help to us with our online marketing. As a smaller treatment and sober living provider, we can't compete with the huge ad spends of the big guys. Circle Social has helped us to grow our business while staying within our modest budget. Rather than just run marketing, I feel they act as our partner and truly care about our business as well as the patients we help. I'd highly recommend them to anyone in the Healthcare field."

Theresa Mueller Owner & Director of HEAL

My experience with Circle Social, honestly, truthfully, and from my heart, has been phenomenal. They have a personal touch. They have taken the time (and continue to take the time) to guide us. They care about what we want and they're sincere about it.  As a startup, we heavily rely on them for advice. I know they have our best interests at heart and that means the world to me. What's more, they got us results. We've grown by 300 times since we've started with them. I can't recommend them enough. 

Facebook Lead Gen

Adwords costs for recovery centers are some of the highest in the world and out of reach of most center budgets. Facebook is the answer. We run campaigns generating call inquires as low as $40 per call and, unlike Adwords, Facebook helps you build your reputation for a future proof business not dependent on highly competitive search.

Content Lead Nurture

Once you have all these leads coming in, what do you do with them? You need to nurture them of course. We build out the email drip campaigns, newsletters, and high value content that moves them from inquiry to actual patient. 

Strategy & Operations

We don't just know marketing, we understand recovery as a business. To help people, you have to be profitable. Great phone skills, strong lead follow-up, and clear tracking is essential to the success of any center. We provide the systems and training that takes your center to the next level.

We Get Addiction Treatment Marketing

Tired of those with big budgets and perhaps less concern for patients growing while your committed team struggles to help those in need? No worries, this is what we do and we're here to help. We'll partner with you so that those looking for help find you. That is the focus of our effective rehab marketing services. Even better, by building your reputation up in the right places, people won't even look around for another center, they'll just immediately call you.

Addiction treatment marketing through effective social media

Don't get lost in all the noise

People today are bombarded with advertising and spun content. They often end up misled. Getting your message in front of those who need your help can feel like you're constantly getting lost in the noise. With Circle Social on your team, we add that all important personal touch so that you can put the focus elsewhere and grow your reputation.

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