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Your Social Media Intern Is Killing Your Business       

Nothing makes less sense to me than, “We have our interns run our social media.” Why, for the love of God, would you do that?

Social media is one of the primary channels businesses today need to be using to drive customer engagement, leads, and sales. Why would you let someone with no experience head up such a key element of your business?

Misguided Thinking – Your Intern Doesn’t Know Jack

The thinking seems to be that social media marketing is easy or that only young people understand it, both very wrong and very dangerous assumptions.

There also seems to be this strange idea that, if someone is a user of social media, they can somehow use it to drive business results. So let me ask you a couple of similar questions:

Do you use email? If so, can you use it to drive $40,000 in revenue a month like we did here?

Do you have an Instagram account? Can you use it to drive 125 customers a week to your website like we did here?

Do you watch TV? Are you then qualified to design and run multimillion dollar TV advertising campaigns?

Of course the answer is no to all of these questions. The divide between personal use and delivering business results with the same tools is astronomical. You clearly wouldn’t let an intern be in charge of such important elements of your business as TV marketing campaigns. So why would you do it for social media?

In addition, I can tell you from personal experience hiring such young people as well as consulting for organizations, Millennials actually understand very little about social media overall. They might use a favorite platform or two, but rarely well.

And ask them to deliver a business objective with such tools? Forget about it. Just like any employee, they have to be trained to use such tools in a business environment.

Just How Much Money Are You Losing By Having Your Intern Manage Digital Assets?

Of course, the real misconception behind all of this is that social media is not something clearly valuable to the business. It’s so unimportant that having an intern manage it is the right amount of investment in the minds of business leaders who do so.

And this misconception is a likely reason as to why your business is not doing as well as competitors’ and why you’re probably reading this blog right now in order to find out ways to achieve better results.

Without a comprehensive digital strategy or with poor implementation, you are literally leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

We mainly work with small-to-medium sized business who have had no digital presence or strategy previously. We’ve delivered as much as $40,000 in sales in a single week through digital alone! Can your intern do that? How much would that mean for your business?

How Does Social Provide Value?

Marketing, first and foremost, is about reaching your target audience. And where is your target audience these days? They’re all online.

The average person checks their phone and social media updates 150 times a day! Depending on the age demographic, 2-4 hours a day are spent perusing social media platforms, and that includes the 50+ age group.

The second most important element is that, when implemented with a comprehensive strategy that integrates with other channels such as content, email marketing, and website lead pages, it drives serious results.

From small, local businesses to multimillion dollar global organizations, digital marketing strategies are often driving the majority of revenue for companies these days, and this trend will only increase over time.

So get serious about it or get left behind. The choice is yours.

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