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Breaking News: Facebook Requires LegitScript Verification for All Addiction Treatment Advertisements

According to an official press release late yesterday, Facebook is following in Google’s footsteps and requiring official verification for any advertiser looking to promote addiction treatment services. There are a total of 15 requirements to become verified. The press release claims that this process goes into effect today. Just like Google, no warning was provided.

We have also confirmed with our Facebook reps that this is the case. Some campaigns are still running as normal, but these will begin to get disapproved as the bots go around with the updated terms of service. Check back here or on our Facebook page for updates.

What Does This Mean for Centers?

Just like with Adwords, this is actually great news for centers. Unlike before, there is already a process in place, so centers who haven’t already applied for verification, should do so immediately. We can also help with this, so reach out with questions to

Gathering the required docs can be an extensive process and, from submission to approval, most centers are looking at 2-4 weeks wait time.

Facebook is still the most powerful targeting and advertising platform on Earth. Even though costs to advertise there have been doubling year on year as more advertisers move in to compete for the same amount of ad space inventory, it is still far cheaper to advertise on Facebook than on Adwords, TV, Radio, Newspaper, and even Direct Mail. The results in terms of cost per inquiry and new admits is better as well.

Cutting Out the Middlemen and Bad Players

Just like with the bad players on Adwords, this will further pave the way for only legitimate centers to advertise. We have seen a number of unscrupulous centers start to advertise using fake profiles. Sites that appear like a personal or informational site, but are actually a front for a treatment center, will be cut off from advertising on Facebook.

This is only a good thing as one of the big drivers of a lower census for many centers is the general public’s lack of trust for the entire field. Too often, they call what they think is a help line only to be directed to some random treatment center pitching their services.

Illegitimate or low quality centers still exist and they are the ones most likely to engage in such deceptive advertising.

Next Steps

The field has radically changed just in the past two years. Now, more than ever, a strong brand, backed up by excellent operations and high-quality clinical treatment, are critical for the future survival of centers.

In the past, many centers with a lack of brand or marketing know-how have benefited extensively from using third party lead aggregators who ran great Adwords, Facebook, or SEO campaigns. As we’ll continue to see, those options are disappearing fast. Legislation is in the works for similar bans on radio and TV, meaning that every addiction treatment center will need to run its own advertisements through its own channels.

What this really means treatment centers need to build a trusted reputation. They need to become known by those possibly in need of services and prove they deliver the high quality treatment talked about on their website. It’s going to be a much harder road, but one that will pay off for those who start now because, those who don’t start now, won’t be here in 2 years.

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