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90 percent of your marketing will fail

90% of Your Marketing Efforts Will Fail and that’s OK. Here’s Why.

A lot of people think marketing is about persuading customers, which means it’s all about catchy slogans and appealing images. It’s not. The real job of a marketer is testing, testing everything. Again and again and again. Most of your tests will fail to produce significant results. Testing serves to identify product/market fit in terms […]

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How We got 300% ROI Through Data & Content

Case Study: How We Got a 300% Increase in ROI Through Data Analysis & Strategic Content

Analytics, Content, & Conversions The Society for Diversity is one of our clients that we’ve been managing for about 7 months now. When we started, they were converting only around 4 email subscribers per month, if that. Through strategic content analysis and writing, we’ve been able to increase that to an average of 14 per […]

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